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2014 Hound Ears Bouldering Competition

The Carey Family


Robert and Meleah // Hike

Could there be a better way to begin a mountain wedding than with a mountain hike? I think not. When Meleah told me she wanted to show Robert’s family from Virginia a good time in the mountains, I knew we were going to have some fun. Both the bride and groom’s families hit the the trail with vigor. The Rough Ridge Trail along the flanks of Grandfather Mountain is awe inspiring. Ancient rocks snarled with massive roots line the journey.  A thick, forested canopy finally gives way to rock outcroppings and see-forever views of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. Whipping winds and a bear sighting kept things exciting and hastened our retreat to the calmer Linn Cove Viaduct. Good luck in Virginia guys!




Jo Ann Hallmark - Eric…how beautiful!! Was this on August 4th? I think I made this lovely couple’s wedding cake for their reception at the Gideon Ridge Inn. I like it when we keep it in the family!!

Robert and Meleah // feast

Two beautiful families. One amazing setting. An intimate pre-wedding dinner. This was the recipe for a perfect evening at The Artisinal Restaurant with Robert and Meleah and their families the night before their big day.



The Coatney Family

The Coatney Family does not mess around. In a single day they caught the sunrise on the Blue Ridge Parkway, spent half the day shuttling kids around the county, made a birthday dinner for Caleb, and caught a Cardinals baseball game. Somehow, they even managed to squeeze in a family photo shoot. I had a blast shooting them and letting the kids do what kids do best. Hopefully, mom and dad had a moment or two to unwind and rest. Special thanks to photo assistant extraordinaire Jason Hightower who harnessed the light and kept my cameras dry.



Anna Brooks Is One

Anna Brooks has made it to one  year and one day in this world. Below is a celebration of her year. Oh the joy she has brought us.

Jo Ann Hallmark - All TOO precious…and I’ve been waiting SO long to see them! But my favorites are the look of love and pride in Clement’s face in the pool photo, and the gentle mother’s love in the photo of just a bit of Mason giving AB kisses on the couch. You really know how to frame a shot sweet Eric!! Thank you for sharing this gift!!

15th Annual Blood Sweat and Gears Photos

It is a picture perfect day for the 15th Annual Blood Sweat and Gears here in Valle Crucis. I didn’t have much time to shoot, so I focused on light and movement to show a small slice of what this race is all about.

The Grindley Family

Dad has the coolest office in Boone. Mom is an accomplished dancer. We had a beautiful afternoon of ballet dancing, cake smashing and back yard swimming. Introducing the Grindley Family.

Roan Mountain Ski Tour

There are times when I miss living in the Colorado Rockies, especially in winter. I long for deep powder snow, wide open mountain bowls, and bluebird skies. Drab, grey winters punctuated by rain showers are often the norm nowadays. Fortunately, I have a nearby solution if I’m looking for a snowy, alpine fix: Roan Mountain. It’s only 45 minutes from Boone, but an extra 3,000ft in elevation puts Roan in an altogether different climate zone. It’s got wide open summits, big mountain weather, and sometimes…a bounty of fresh snow. With the forecast calling for double digit snow accumulations, the timing seemed perfect for a Roan Mountain ski tour. I’ll let my pictures tell the story, but I have to say it was a sweet experience to ski above the clouds in a frozen world of “snow ghost” trees . Bombing down the incredibly tight and twisty Appalachian Trail was a good lesson in humility. I believe I still have some spruce boughs in my hat.

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