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I am Eric.

I love to tell stories with my camera. I am a sucker for good light. I am relentless in capturing the moments that matter the most. You will get something special when we work together.


I grew up in Ohio and somehow fell in love with all things mountain. Blame it on a three hundred foot ski hill that invited kids like me to hurl ourselves down it’s icy slopes. I burned holes in my fake leather gloves while mastering the tow rope lift–but simultaneously was transported to a new world. That little hill created a wanderlust that sent me in search of bigger mountains–Colorado, the Alps, the Caucuses, and currently the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Truth be told, I’ve long since stopped chasing mountain vistas to make me happy. There is always something bigger and more beautiful that is just out of reach. I still love getting out in high places to explore. And mountain culture still plays a central focus in my photography. But nowadays, I’d much rather chase around my three awesome kids–alongside my amazing wife. 



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